Screamers Recipes

Holiday Curry with Dhal and Flatbread

This sublime recipe "Holiday Curry with Dhal and Simple Flatbread" is created by Stephanie Alexander, a Restaurateur and author of cook books. Read More

Virgin Island Lamb

For those who enjoy a good piece of tasty Lamb ... this is blend to compliment the flavour of red meat Read More

Herb Paradise Dressing

A foolproof dressing to impress in flavour!! Simply place a lid on the jar & SHAKE!! Read More

Lamb Exotikkah

Dukkah is a gentle spice blend that works brilliantly with lamb - the flavour of sesame seeds combined with other premium spices, bring out the great flavour of Australian Lamb. Read More

Garlic Dukkah Bread

This is a delicious change to the regular 'Garlic Bread', with a delicious & tantalizing flavour ... you'll have to make double the quantity because everyone is asking for more! more! more!!! Read More

Spiced Steamed Rice

This recipe for eeeeasy perfectly cooked, 'no fuss' steamed rice is absolutely foolproof!! If you are lucky enough to own a Rice Cooker ... well, there is no excuse!! Read More

Dreamy Pumpkin Soup

A creamy, dreamy & most flavoursome hearty pumpkin soup ... to soothe any soul ... this is a real winner ! Read More

Fruits of the Sea - Desert Style

Take 500gms of firm, fresh fish eg: Trevally, Flathead, Salmon or any other type of fresh seafood Read More

Outback Roasted Pumpkin & Morrocan Soup

Roasted Pumpkin soup with chickpeas Read More

Chicken with Fresh Mint Noodle Salad

Place bean thread noodles in bowl & cover with boiling water. Allow to stand for 5 minutes then drain... Read More

Snowy Mountain Dip

This dip is a real winner to take along to a party or to enhance the beginning of a great dinner party ... spicy, creamy & lots of flavour !! Read More

Hot Tango Salsa

Very spicy ... very Mediterranean. Bring on the red wine!! Read More

Spiced Couscous

An 'oh so easy' way to enhance couscous with a spicy twist Read More

K.K. Potato Salad

This makes the ideal side-dish to compliment any style of meal ... a subtle curry flavour yet tasty, creamy and dreamy - you will have to make more ... by demand !! Read More

Delicious Dhaal

A very simple dish to make yet absolutely tasty Read More

Simple Cajun Chilli Chicken

This marinade is superb - combining a surging sweet Chilli heat along with a spicy Cajun hit!! Read More

Savoury Cajun Noodles

A simple noodle dish, that is soooo quick and easy to prepare, with a Mediterranean flavour and a Cajun spiced hit!! Read More

Sweet Fruits of the Sea

This recipe is simple & so delicious as the ingredients are ... if you prefer, you may use any other style of meat with this perfect marinade. It will always taste fantastic!! And you definitely have to cook extra as everyone else at the BBQ will be eying it off Read More

Exotic Noodles

A very flavorsome vegetarian meal ... comfort any hungry soul. Read More

Virgin Island Eggplant Stacks

A taste sensation - Great as an entree! Read More

Easy Greek Salad Dressing (using Virgin Island Mix)

Combine all ingredients in a bottle for serving with a fresh Greek salad Read More

Moorish Cajun Philly (using Desert Cajun Rub)

Great for parties or with a drink or two! Read More

Persian Beans (using Kashmiri Krush)

An ancient recipe that may well have been enjoyed by Alexander the Great going East or Genghis Khan going West. The ricotta cheese is a modern addition Read More

Coconut Kashmiri Chicken (using Kashmiri Krush)

Hi Screaming Seeds - we have a favourite way to cook chicken in our home and have embraced Kashmiri Krush as an essential ingredient (replacing the assortment of spices we used to use). Now we call it 'Coconut Kashmiri Chicken'. Its simple, but smells, tastes and looks a million dollars!  Read More

Ratatouille (using Garam Masala)

Delicious served with creamy Mashed Potatoes or fresh Crusty Bread Read More

Joans Muscles (using 7 Seas Spice)

I remember catching a show that featured diet tips from a well kNOW()n English actress, Joan Collins. Expecting not too much, I was pleasantly surprised  Read More

Roast Chicken Thigh Fillets (using Bengal 5 Spice & Garam Masala)

Bake for 1½ hours and serve with roast potatoes  Read More

Kashmiri Chicken Wraps (using Kashmiri Krush)

Simply combine mayonnaise, cream and Kashmiri Krush and add chicken pieces Read More

Kashmiri Lamb (using Kashmiri Krush)

Vegetarians can swap lamb for chunky chopped vegetables like pumpkin, eggplant and zucchini. Add chunky chopped tofu at the end with the spinach and coconut milk. Read More

Khira Raita - 'Cucumber in Yoghurt' (using Dukkah)

Serve as a side accompaniment to stir fries, curries, rice, noodle dishes  Read More

Mock Thai Stir Fry (using Caribbean Chilli)

You can use beef, lamb, chicken, fish or tofu Read More

Dipping with Dukkah

My favourite recipe - a simple but favourite starter to nibble on with a glass of wine, or snack on at sunset before the rush begins. Read More

Dukka Chooka

This fantastic, delicious, yet eeeeaaassy recipe Read More

Fish & Chips (using Caribbean Chilli)

Not your ordinary Fish & Chips  Read More

Spiced Potatoes (using Bengal 5 Spice)

Try this. This recipe is great reheated!! Read More

Kashmiri Chicken (using Kashmiri Krush)

Taking only 10 minutes to prepare, this dish could also use pork. Read More

Cajun Beef (using Desert Cajun Rub)

Excellent for a luncheon with a Rosé wine. Read More

Bobotee (using Outback Blend)

This dish can be made with cooked meat. In this case cook for 25 minutes only. Read More

Cajun Chicken Pizza (using Southern Cajun)

Thankyou for the lovely spices. Since I discovered Screaming Seeds my cooking is much more interesting. Read More

Cajun Tuna Steaks (using Southern Cajun)

Served on a bed of sweet potato and baby bok choy Read More

Chicken & Sweet Potato Curry (using Outback Blend)

This recipe should be suitable for diabetics as it is low in fat and has a low GI rating. Read More

Blackened Trevalley in Citrus dressing (using 4 Screaming Seeds spice blends)

Virgin Island Mix, Marrakesh Magic, Southern Cajun & Dukkah combine for a deliciously spicy effect Read More

Curried Beef Combo (using 7 Seas Spice)

A hearty meal created in no time Read More

Morrocan Chickpea & Lentil Soup (using Marrakesh Magic)

This soup is very delicious when served with grilled Turkish or sourdough bread fingers Read More

Easy Chicken Curry (using Kashmiri Krush)

A deliciously easy curry foolproof ... in many ways ... try this recipe with red meat or fish Read More

Seafood Laksa Supreme (using Marrakesh Magic)

This delicious curry is SO quick and easy - ideal for a real spicy, soupy curry hit !! Read More

Fresh Veggie Risotto (using Virgin Island Mix)

A simple vegetarian risotto with lots of flavour! Read More

Hot Tango Pasta Sauce (using Caribbean Chilli)

A spicy & full flavoured taste sensation for the humble pasta sauce Read More

Middle East Couscous Dish (using Marrakesh Magic)

Hey Cuzz ... Here is a very simple but awesomely delicious recipe for Middle East Couscous dish Read More

Magic Warm Vegetable Salad (using Southern Cajun)

For a real spicy vegetable dish with a difference, excellent for lots of hungry souls Read More

Screaming Prawn Balls (using Outback Blend)

Hi Ya, Brought some of your Outback Blend in the depths of Chelmsford in the UK ... boy do your spices travel well! This is what I did with mine Read More

Dukkah Potato Gratin

A deliciously creamy and flavoursome side dish with a hint of Pecorino cheese - perfect to serve with any main meal  Read More

Hot Spuds (using Southern Cajun)

Very quick, very easy, very tasty. Read More

Masala Plum Pudding Ice Cream (using Garam Masala)

To use the creamiest Vanilla Ice-Cream, you will definitely receive the best from this addictive but ohh! so delicious dessert Read More

Roast Pumpkin (using Marrakesh Magic)

Great served with a leafy salad and sour dough bread. Read More

Baked Dukkah Chicken (using Dukkah)

Delicious served hot with salad and baked potatoes. Also yummy cold and sliced in sandwiches or pita bread. Read More

Screaming Success Salad Dressing (using Kashmiri Krush)

A simple dressing for everything that needs flavour .... and keeps well in the fridge! Read More

Spicy Lentil & Tomato Soup (using Piri Piri Blend)

A deliciously healthy & warming soup the whole family will love ... Piri Piri Blend adds enough spiciness & depth of flavour for all to enjoy!! Read More

Lemon Pepper Tuna Pilaf (using Kashmiri Krush & Marrakesh Magic)

You may serve this exquisite rice dish with a small quantity of blanched mixed vegetables ie: capsicum, carrot, cauliflower, broccoli etc Read More

Melissas Recipe!! (using Marrakesh Magic)

I thought you might like to try my easy recipe using your seeds Read More

Moonlight Dreaming Golden Potatoes (using Moonlight Dreaming)

Delicious sublime flavours of Australian native herbs & spices contained in Moonlight Dreaming which compliments this recipe!! Read More

Potato Salad with Moonlight Dreaming (using Moonlight Dreaming)

this would have to be the simplest recipe to make a potato salad Read More

Piri Piri Marinade (using Piri Piri Blend)

A NO FUSS recipe ... little time for preparation is required to create a flavoursome meal  Read More

Hearty Quiche (using Rainforest Season)

Our favourite is the 'Rainforest Season' and we make an awesome quiche adding the spice blend Read More

Exotic Potato Salad (using Dukkah)

This potato salad is eeeassy as well as a real crowd pleaser with hint of delicious Middle East flavours Read More

Delicious Dahl (using Garam Masala)

A healthy dish to keep on hand for a quick snack Read More

Outback Burgers (uing Outback Blend)

this recipe is so simple to prepare, takes no time at all and a big hit with my Boys Read More

Chicken Yummy Drummies (using 7 Seas Spice)

These drummies are the ideal finger food for kids and adults alike ... for a quick snack or even as a crowd pleaser at a party  Read More

Sichuan Savoury Omlette (using Tang Sichuan)

A delicious way to start the day with a hearty yet healthy breakky Read More

Pasta Salad with Smokey Tomatina (using Smokey Tomatina)

This recipe is a real 'crowd pleaser' at any party or BBQ get together Read More

Moroccan Spiced Asparagus Salad with Tomato, Cherry Bocconcini & Spinach Dip

Here we have a delicious middle-Eastern flavour combining crunchy spiced asparagus spears, ripe tomatoes & fresh baby bocconcini. Read More

Salmon Frittata

Enjoy this frittata with a lovely salad for a light lunch Read More

Chickpea & Vegetable Curry

You could alter this recipes instead of using chickpeas add scallops or prawns for those seafood lovers Read More

Moroccan Roast Pumpkin & Lentil Soup

This soup will certainly warm you up on a cold winters evening Read More

Screaming Chilli Pasta

stir through pitted Kalamata olives and feta cheese when ready to serve Read More

Creamy Mushroom & Garlic "Osso Bucco" Baharat Style

this meal is great served with potato mash or soft polenta Read More

Crisp Spiced Biscuits

you can freeze this mix & use as needed Read More

Honey Pepper Pork

A great summer dish Read More

Rainforest Pesto

for a variation you can add 1/2 red capsicum, 1 tomato & 1/2 spanish onion all thinly sliced Read More

Seven Seas Stuffing Mix

this recipe is great as you can adjust the type of bread to dietry needs Read More

Pasta Salad with Smokey Tomatina

other belends to use with this recipe Southern Cajun, Dukkah, Virgin Island mix, Desert Cajun Rub Read More

Greek Lamb using Greek Seasoning

You could also create your own original pizza topped with greek lamb Read More

Greek Vegetable Soup (using Greek Seasoning)

This recipe has seafood however you can adjust to suit your taste buds Read More

Beef Kofta Curry - using Garam Masala

you can use coconut milk instead of low fat evaporated milk Read More

Lamb Biryani using Garam Masala

topped this dish with a dollop of natural youghurt with a sprinkle of garam masala Read More

Creamy Chicken Bake with Kashmiri Krush

I also like to add mushrooms to this dish Read More

Chicken Burritos using Taco/Burrito Season Mix

for a variation to this recipe try also using beef or lamb mince, my children love it Read More

Moroccan Lamb Tagine

This recipe is a real winter warmer & great shared with friends Read More

Lamb with Virgin Island Mix

this recipe will go with any salad or why not try with Fresh Vegetable Risotto also found on Screamers Recipes pages Read More

Dukkah Crusted Pork

this is a quick & easy lunch or dinner Read More

Mediterrnean Eggs

what a great way to start your day with a delicious breakfast Read More

Rogan Josh

serve with rice or cous cous and naan bread Read More

Butter Chicken & Vegetable Pie

another great idea is to omit the chicken and replace with your favorite vegetable to make a spiced up vegetable pie Read More

Butter Chicken Spice

Ideas for Butter Chicken Spice Blend, enjoy cooking with this delicious spice Read More

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