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New Spice Blends
Now available to our Mail Order Customers in Eco Paks and 250g Bulk
* Paella Blend      * Greek Seasoning       *Rogan Josh Blend
* Dukkah with Roasted Pumpkin & Sunflower seeds  * Butter Chicken Blend  *Baharat
 Bruschetta Mix - available in 90g Jars 
Screaming Seeds Spice Co has moved to new premises.
Our telephone and fax numbers have changed.

Address - 6 Wilray Street GROVEDALE 3216 VICTORIA AUSTRALIA
Phone - 03 5244 4500 FAX - 03 5244 4800


   Screaming Seeds Spice Co. passionately creates fresh and heavenly spice blends to seduce your tastebuds in the fragrant world of spices and cooking!
Choose from 25 deliciously fresh spice blends in the range, all freshly roasted, crushed and blended - the full range are conveniently 'ready to add' to your cooking. Perfect for any style of cooking and you don't need to change your cooking style at all! Our seeds and spices will add a new dimension to your cooking.

Cooking will take on a whole new meaning .... Screaming Seeds and spices Australia are made from whole spices that are locally & globally grown, we specialize in producing cooking spices, spice blends and seasonings that are:

100% PURE & NATURAL ...
NO artificial fillers ...
NO bulking / anti-caking agents ...
NO preservatives ...

NO wheat/rice/soy fillers ...
NO nuts
or MSG are added ...
We are also proud to produce GM FREE spice blends!

If you are looking for seeds and spices Australia, then you've definitely come to the right place! Be sure to check out our list of cooking spices Australia combinations.